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Jessica is Connecticut’s premier newborn photographer. Jessica has been recognized for her ability to capture all the details of the newborn experience, both large and small.  Her style is focused on your baby and all their details, from whips of hair, fuzzy little shoulders to perfect baby toes! Jessica has been photographing Connecticut newborns for 6 years and over the years newborn photography has become very popular and choosing the right newborn photographer is now like choosing a wedding photographer. You want to find the person who is the best fit for you, because this is a once in a lifetime experience and can not be repeated. There are so many options to choose from, but it is essential to be sure to choose someone who has the experience to deliver the images that you want and expect. Jessica’s pricing is based on her 6+ years experience photographing newborns.


I’d like to pass along some information my newborn client’s find helpful:

Should I pre-book my session? For scheduling purposes, it is best to pre-book your newborn sessions.

*Pre-booking ensures a place in the studio schedule*, however, your actual newborn appointment is not scheduled until you have had the baby.  (now would be the best time to schedule based on your due date.)

*I encourage all clients to pre-book their newborn session BEFORE the baby is born; this enables me to plan my schedule ahead of time.

*If you wait to book until the baby arrives or follow the suggested timeline, I cannot guarantee that I will have a session available.

*I am currently booking newborns 3 months in advance and have limited availability for immediate dates.

How old should the baby be for their session?  I generally photograph all my newborns in the first  7-10 days of life to ensure those curled “womb-like” images parents love.

Where do newborn sessions take place?  All newborn sessions take place in my private residential studio, in New Milford, CT.

*weekdays starting at 9:00am to maximize the baby’s deepest sleep period.

*My studio space is a full-time dedicated studio space.

* Sessions here at the studio also ensure the proper heating and supplies are available to make the session as successful as possible.

How long should we expect the session to be?  Most newborn sessions last about 2-4 hours, however, I always allow up to 4 hours in the event that a little one needs more time.

*The goal of the session is to have baby sleeping the entire time.

Do I need to purchase props, hats or blankets for my session?  I have many props, baskets, hats and headbands to choose from to compliment your style.

Can my husband and I (and older children) be in pictures too?  Newborn sessions by design focus mainly on the newborn, however, parents and siblings are encouraged to be involved.

*I like to focus on more “relationship” type close-ups of mom/dad and baby or baby in dad’s hands.  These are the timeless images you will treasure for a lifetime!

Newborn Safety:  I always put your babies safety as my first priority! You will see several images on the site of hanging branch images, these images are done with the highest safety precautions and with a bit of “magic”. Babies are tiny, precious little humans who need to be treated with the greatest of care and this is alway put before getting the shot. Babies just like their adult counterparts are unique and individual, not every baby will do every pose, but I take the greatest of care to ensure that you have a beautiful gallery of images!

Will you need me to help during the session?  Most parents are not feeling 100% in the days after the birth of their little one.  Do not worry, I will work to soothe, cuddle and pose your baby during our session.  I encourage parents to relax or even catch up on emails!

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